Sunday, July 15, 2007

Stage 7 - Hats off to Girlyman

Rather, Linus Gerdemann. If he's on your team, i think you've got the Nostradamus mojo happening. He didn't get the winner, but Taylor's White Bread squad did get Lefevre and Wegmann was good enough to get 46th out of nearly 2,500 teams... NICE!

1. Le Pain Blanc 207
2. Bacon Spinners 62
4. Mellow Johnny 53
5. Spunky Spinners 50
6. A La Testosterone UnderDogs 48
7. I see Paris. I see France. I see Lycra underpants. 47
8. RED ASS EXPRESS manged by the artist formerly known as ROCKETBOY 33
9. i want to ride my bike 33
10. Vlad's Wild World of Karpets 30

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