Sunday, July 08, 2007

Prologue Results

We just got in, nothing like a 3.5 hour drive from Diamond Head to Baton Rouge. We were at a complete stop on the Interstate for probably 45 minutes total. Horrible traffic, road construction, asshole merging, you name it. The good news ... Riley dog has obviously overcome her motion sickness problems, that's even better news for us. Always fun bonding with other dog owners at the Louisiana Welcome Center, complaining about the traffic, etc. etc.

Anyway, the mini leagues aren't ready yet on Velogames but the scoring for the prologue is in. Please let me know if this isn't you or if i've excluded anybody, looks like Char jumped on the early lead by virtue of her Dekker and Dave Z picks. I'm particularly proud of the team names in our league. We shall see how it goes, i hope to do better today after reading of Thor's 2nd. You just can't keep the little Aussie down can you? I read the report at 20k to go and figured he was out of it. Lemme run, later gators.

897. spunky spinners (char?) 204
967. i want to ride my bike (amy) 195
967. RED ASS EXPRESS manged by the artist formerly known as ROCKETBOY (Pat) 195
1062. A La Testosterone UnderDogs (Sebastian) 184
1147. Mellow Johnny (jeff) 174
1431. EPO MAKE RIDERS GO! (eric) 143
1823. Vlad's Wild World of Karpets (me) 81
2004. I see Paris. I see France. I see Lycra underpants. (lisa) 64
2408. Le Pain Blanc (taylor) 0
2408. Bacon Spinners (ward) 0


Colombian TGV said...

"Excuse me...(tap tap tap) is this thing on? Hello my name is Robbie Mcewen, AKA the Pocket Rocket and I am the"

Jeff said...

Can we buy an update...PLEASE! :)