Saturday, July 14, 2007

Stage 2 - Steegmans? Steegmans? hello

Boonen had this to say, "There was no one coming and when there is a chance like that he should be able take it, ... He has done a lot for me in the past."

Yeah, like that time a few minutes ago when he kicked your ass? When i read the report on this stage they make it sound like Boonen graced him with a gift, watch the tape and you tell me. I don't think big Tom could have come around him if he'd had another 100 meters.

In the UCC league, it was the husband/wife duo of Char and Jeff taking the top spot from Rocket Boy, nice job Roberts!

1. Spunky Spinners 216
2. Mellow Johnny 206
3. RED ASS EXPRESS manged by the artist formerly known as ROCKETBOY 194
5. Le Pain Blanc 177
6. A La Testosterone UnderDogs 116
7. I see Paris. I see France. I see Lycra underpants. 87
8. i want to ride my bike 54
9. Vlad's Wild World of Karpets 35
10. Bacon Spinners 25

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