Sunday, July 15, 2007

Stage 5 - Pozzato at nearly 50mph

Pozzato wins the sprint
Vino and Kloden go down hard
But my favorite memory of this stage will be Popo's attack on the final descent. He was slamming just like he did back at MSR in the spring, then he went off roading and jedi mind tricked Fabian into doing it too. But the very best part was when he reentered the road at about 15 mph in front of a Lampre dude probably going 35. With a flick of his wrist he misses Popo's back wheel by what appears to be inches, too cool. Big surprise, Eric "the powerhouse" takes another stage.

2. Spunky Spinners 150
3. A La Testosterone UnderDogs 123
4. I see Paris. I see France. I see Lycra underpants. 118
5. RED ASS EXPRESS manged by the artist formerly known as ROCKETBOY 104
6. i want to ride my bike 98
7. Mellow Johnny 62
8. Le Pain Blanc 51
9. Vlad's Wild World of Karpets 50
10. Bacon Spinners 33

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