Thursday, February 22, 2007

her bikini small, heels tall, she said she liked the ocean

No, this post isn't about her or her or even her
it's about goin back to cali, cali, cali, the tour of cali that is
Here are some random thoughts on the race so far

Love the new disco get-up, like the dark colors.

Hate the new disco get up, what's up with the upside down Disco? No wonder they stopped sponsoring these guys. I wonder if that was an error at the print shop.

Also, i agree about Levi's position. He's totally going Praying Mantis Landis style, and obviously, it works.

Everyone was surprised with Jason Donald's ride except me. You make anybody wear that outfit in San Fran and they're going to ride fast, come on!

I thought the decision on Stage 1 to neutralize the circuit laps was odd.
Tivo went south on Stage 2, the last minute went like this
"and teams are scrambling to get to the front in this last half mile, even Big George Hincapie is giving it a go..." then the dialog appeared whether or not to keep or delete this program...ARGH.
I haven't checked out Stage 3 on tape yet, but you gotta love it when Jens Voigt wins, the dude is a powerhouse who always works hard. That being said, he really could stand to drop his seatpost an inch or so.

Some other good stuff from across the pond:
Max VanHoyDoy getting the helping hand for the win on his new team.
This still makes me laugh

I've got big plans on tap for the 2007 Fantasy Cycling season, if i can ever get around to programming it, all will be impressed, or their money back, and that's a promise.


Jeff said...

"I thought the decision on Stage 1 to neutralize the circuit laps was odd."


Actually attempted to call you to discuss this issue, BUT, as didn't answer your phone...

It's like having a second wife :)

David Alexander said...

hey now, i've addressed this issue in great detail on my voice mail message. who the hell wants to carry a phone?

Anonymous said...

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