Friday, February 09, 2007

best laid plans and tunes

This weekend was going to be my first 2007 race at the Evangeline Oak Du, but my stomach had other plans, so i will be taking it light. It's weird to have time off, i've had pretty good workouts for 3 months straight without much of a break.

Angels and Airwaves are so cool that even their website kicks ass.
It's Blink-182
and they're all grows up
and they're all grows up
and they're all grows up.
Thanks Gelpimp


eric said...

I hear you brotha. Had a pretty routine down but the last weeks have killed me. I have a sinus, cold, some motherfuckin'thing that leaves me just wiped out. Went for a 1/2 walk around the neighborhood today and it just about killed me.

eric said...

Shit, I'm so ill my typing skillz have fallin; apart.