Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A cyclist's prayer

Oh God, please protect me today and if it be your will, keep me from being killed on this ride, because i don't want the first words said over my freshly dead body to be "that there look like one of them bike guys, they are always in the way, where are they ridin to anyway?".

That's probably not the best mantra to keep in your head, but Sunday's afternoon ride, which unfortunately corresponded directly with the Super Bowl pre-game drinking rituals among the pick-up truck driving intellectuals of Iberville parish, had me repeating this prayer for most of my 3 hours of chamois time.

It all started innocently enough, me spinning along on an iRide, trying to figure out circles again after 4 days off due to a fever, when Sebastian blew past me like a frickin Porsche. He actually looked more like a sportscar than a cyclist because he was on the maiden voyage of his new Guru TT machine. Very slick in all-black, we rode along around the loop talking seat tube angles, position, etc. He was excited to do Pace Bend in two weekends, that race is awesome. The rolling enclosure makes all the difference, here's a pedalmasher film made the year that i did it, 3 years ago and it feels like only yesterday yesterday yesterday ... (insert dream sequence here).

Anyway, i turned off River Road onto the new River Road, which is Bayou Paul. There seem to be more cyclists on this road now at any given time than anywhere else in BR. From there i decided to ride through the gravel to Bluff, then over to 74 which is where the festivities began with trucks buzzing me, telling me to get off the road, etc. all while clinging to an 18 inch shoulder. Very nice, i think i'll go back to my trainer and pray for the day i live somewhere else.


Roadrider said...

That's a pretty slick TT bike. What do you think -- one minute for every $2,000?

David Alexander said...

Trust me, if i'd known the price i would have kept my distance! 8 Grand, plus he had lots of fiber in the form of Zipp's!