Sunday, February 25, 2007

First Race of 2007

At one time in my life, waking up at 5AM was tough. Since Ryan came along, waking or sleeping isn't really such a big deal anymore. When it comes it comes, when it goes, etc.

That being said, i wasn't sure how my body would react to today's 3:30 alarm. Luckily enough, i was able to get up, slam coffee and some oatmeal and then get the family in the car, surprisingly close to our planned 4:30 departure time, maybe we're getting better at this? So off we went, leaving our groggy house guest Jeff behind 100% convinced that we are nuts.

We met up with Caroline just over the bridge and the caravan began. Destination, the Lake Charles T-Gator Duathlon or as i refer to it 2/15/2 of pleasure.

Lots of friendly faces at the start, Charlie, Norm, Ryan, Brandon, Brian, Mitch, Ricky, old home week really. The run was out and back, up a very slight hill.

The race started and immediately i realized that i hadn't run fast in a while, pain came in quickly, not like the kind i've been getting on longer slower runs. I just started passing people and hit mile 1 in 5:45, shocked i pressed on. I slowed over the 2nd mile which allowed Kate and a couple of other guys to blow by me. I finished in 11:56, psyched to break 12.

On to the bike with a lead on Norm, i figured i better make it count. That wasn't to be, i think he caught me in less than a mile. He said he wanted to catch me so bad, he only got clipped in a little before getting to me. Come on man!

The course went straight into a headwind from the leftish that seemed to ebb and flow. Going out it was lots of 20-24. The course bent to the right twice before the turn, after that it was mostly 25-27 on the way home. Things were going well, then less than a mile to go, some officials working a fork in the park just looked at me without motioning or anything, so instinctively i went right. Turns out the race went left, no worries though.

The last run is just pain. Coming off the bike, you're blown, but you're used to moving at 20 something, now you're going 9? It's tough. I got to the turn in 6:45, then did the last in 6:50. I was psyched, not sure how i finished, i know i didn't get top 3 in my age group, but Amy said i was top 10 overall, we'll see.

It was a great race, lots of laughs, great course, lots of fun with Amy and Ryan, also only my second ride on the Cervelo which is a gem. I like it a lot. The position may not be finalized, but it's definitely good.

Ryan fell asleep leaving Lake Chuck, so we headed on to Breaux Bridge for the goods at Cafe Des Amis. Can't say enough, they really delivered. We celebrated with primo coffee, Fried Green Tomatoes and Crawfish Pie, etouffee served over puffed pastry. Really a perfect ending, and Ryan was a champ on the roadtrip, which might be his longest so far.

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eric said...

Well done fine sir. Please post some pics if you have them.