Friday, February 09, 2007

and another thing

Since gated neighborhoods and one-street subdivisions that dead-end are all the rage, the least these planners could do is break out a thesaurus. On my ride down Bluff i noticed a number of new one's coming up with such great names as Bluff Oak, Oaks at Bluff, Bluff Lakes, Bluff Bluff Bluff, Bluff Bluff, the Mansions of Bluff, Mother Bluffer, BluffBluff, the Bluffs at Bluff, leBluff, Jeb Luff's, iBluff, Bluffer's and Yo Mama's got a Buffalo Bluff. Come on people, break out.

Of course this from the guy who lives where every street is SpringMe, SpringYou, SpringDog, SpringCat, etc.

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