Friday, August 25, 2006


I know sometimes i bash BR a bit, but after reading this i thought the town deserved a tourniquet, yow!

In other news, Amy, Ryan and I have joined the Varsity Sports marathon training program. Jenny guarantees in three months you'll run your first or just a faster half-marathon. In order to celebrate our embrace of a more formal running training plan, the three of us joined Caroline and ran a willy nilly seven miler Saturday morning. We paid for the rest of the day with the funny walking thing. Tonight we ran over to Kleinert and ran 8x220 in front of BBT's old pad. Definitely the most fun i've ever had doing running speed work.

Amy and i are both getting deeper into the world of tri. It's fitting into our schedules better and it's optimizing the smaller chunks of training time that we're able to eke out lately. That being said i limped through a swim workout today at lunch. I don't think there's a worse swimmer in the world than me. I'm in desperate need of some coaching or maybe just a shrink. Tomorrow was looking pretty exciting as two docs and myself were planning to swim the PBRC lake at lunch but our plan to have a boat to escort us fell through, so i guess it's thrash time in the pool again.

Mucho thanks to JJR who gave me some great advice on this gadget, i think i may go this way which is virtually the same, just minus the altitude. I was heavily swayed by the new Garmin which looks super cool, but i think the Polar will be a better fit for me. No purchase yet, still weighing my options.

Next post will probably be from the Beehive State, we're heading to Utah on Wednesday. PEACE OUT


Taylor said...

Another marathon??

There is something cool about running underneath the big oak trees on Kleinert, I must say.

And finally, I wouldn't award yourself that worst swimmer award just yet... you haven't seen me swim.

Carrie said...

I just started training for another half marathon too. Mine is a longer timeframe than yours though.

Do you guys have a tri in mind? Tri season is winding down for us here mostly. Taylor and I will probably have our last hurrah of the season at the Dilloman on 9/10.

I just found out today that my gym has a free open water swimming class every Monday in their lake. I am bummed I never heard about it sooner.

David said...

I don't think there will be a marathon in my future for a while.

If i get this swim thing more in hand, i may do a half-ironman next year then re-evaluate.

The only tri that i know of left for this year is the Natchitoches Meat Pie Tri which, although i would like to have a t-shirt from that race, i think we'll skip and just be ready for 2007. Don't you wish that they would rename that race Meat Pie Man! That would be cool.

If you can practice open water swims that is the key, well after you can swim that is. :D

eric said...


A good Half-Ironman was the Crawfishman... but I think it's dead. Muncie rocks. Rocket fast course. Flordia has one as well, but like most things Flordia, it sucks.

Hook up with a Masters Swim Program... Better call up Jan and have her teach you. Heard her swim school rocks.

I had a 720. Lost it. Bought another. Same thing. Had a 600 series. Broke it. Now I just buy cheapies like the SI ECG 5.Seem to work just as well.

LPM said...

Half-Marathon, now you're talking. Do you have a target race in mind?

And on the tri scene, give some thought to a rendezvous for the Memphis in May Oly Tri. We'll need wetsuits . . . and swim skills, or as you would say, skillz.


David said...

i've heard good things about the memphis in may tri, i will pencil it in!

Next half-marathon will be the Baton Rouge Beach Half. Taylor and i did this a couple of years ago, a pair of bloody nipples and a hot bath later i got inspired to do Austin, we'll see.