Tuesday, August 22, 2006

coming soon to a blogger blog near you

These new features sound pretty sweet, i think i'll wait to give my site the facelift that i've been putting off for months.


LPM said...


Do you know how to create archived categories in blogspot? I would like to create sidebar links for subjects like Recipes, Wine, Training, Racing, Restaurants, etc.


David said...

i don't think it's possible at this juncture, but stay tuned. Once google/blogger turns on the features described in that link it will be on like donkey kong, i just don't get to use that phrase often enough.

If the gelpimp sees this comment, he might be able to contribute more to this topic.

Michael said...

lpm, david:

i was just reading lastnight about that. the only way to get categories right now is to use a hack. some i've seen are very sloppy; some use del.icio.us to do it - that seems to be a favorite.

google "blogger category hack" and it will show you more than you want to know!

i hope blogger v2.0 beta has what it takes to fix that, b/c it is my only beef with blogger right now.

hope that helps!