Friday, August 04, 2006

new heroes

I love juggling. I've probably been juggling for about 20 years and up to this point i've always worked with 3 balls, but a few years ago on a cruise i was able to attend a brief clinic taught by Pete Matthews where he showed the basics of how to 3-ball juggle and for the more experienced jugglers, 4-ball and even a bit of 5-ball. Well i've struggled with 4-ball ever since, but i stumbled upon this video a few weeks ago. Check out the ease that this kid juggles with, and that was back in 1997. The stuff he does now is unbelievable, turns out he and his sister are professional juggling studs (obviously) and their videos are incredible. Don't you love youtube?

Anyhow, i got some clubs on ebay yesterday, we'll see how that goes.


Jeff said...

Falling in line with your and Eric's new found skepticism and cynicism outlined in your previous post: "...Man did we have our heads in the sand. They all dope..."

"new heros"...You're kidding right?

Please tell me you're not naive enough to believe that this unbelievable juggling talent is the result of many daily hours of hard work put in over the last 10+ years.
I mean...what's his testosterone/epitestosterone ratio?

Better yet, no need to even test him...I'm sure if he would pass it's just because he's figured out a way to beat the system, not that he's actually, (dare I say it)... clean. Because...Hey, they can't fool me, my heads not in the sand...I KNOW...ALL JUGGLERS DOPE!

OK...ENOUGH sarcasm, even for me! But sorry guys, I refuse to believe the entire pro Peloton is doping...I'm just not going there!

I've got to believe there are guys doing it right! I don't know if it's 5% or 98.5% of the pros, but I know they're out there. If somebody wants me to believe "they all dope", they better invent a better test and show me!

David said...

it's true, i took down the posters of Paris Roubaix, Tyler, George and Lance and put up a huge one of Vova and Olga.


David said...

oh yeah, and Greg LeMond was the last clean winner of any bike race in the world, i forgot.


Jeff said...

How could you possibly forget...Lemond reminds everyone every chance he gets... :)

Statements like that make me want to borrow Eric's rock after he's done swiping Norman's bike and crack you one over the head :)


I'm scared to ask how you come across this stuff....

David said...

Yes, Vova is out of this world talented. It almost looks fake, must be the doping!

Karen said...

How much time do you have on your hands to find juggling videos like this?! That's awesome, but let me just say, I think USADA needs to do a random urinalysis on this "brother-sister act." It looks all natural. . .


LPM said...

It looks all natural . . . but do you have any videos of juggling au natural?

Dave, I'll race you to "first to 4 balls." I've been stuck on 3 since I was in the CYO.

David said...

Ah Lance, i don't know if i'll ever get 4 balls, i'm moving on to 5 i think, for some reason it seems more doable to me. I did get my clubs in the mail, all i can say is pick some up on ebay, it's a welcome new challenge. Kind of like riding no hands on your rollers.

Karen, LOVING the pergola photos and story, do you think Dave would come to Baton Rouge to assist with a similar project? I know Amy is going to be jonesing when she sees it.