Monday, August 21, 2006

District Timetrial Report brought to you by MASTER CARD

Earplugs ... 20 cents

Disposable Razor ... 50 cents

Aero booties ... 16 bucks

Crappy Cateye Computer, guaranteed to stop working 5Ks after the turn around ... 30 bucks

Dorky bullet shaped timetrial helmet ... 150 bucks

Vintage Specialized Trispoke from the Team Motorola Garage Sale ... 250 bucks

Renn Forrest Renn Disc Wheel ... 400 bucks

Euskaltel Flavored Erik Espade Orbea TT Bike ... 1,500 bucks

Coming in over two minutes past your goal even though you had all this aero shit ... PRICELESS


Ward said...

Look on the bright side. You could be riding in the Masters 45-49 and finished 8th instead of 5th.

David said...

Yeah, i definitely don't want to get old, check out the times for those old dudes, YIKES!

In my age group i would have gotten 3rd, but that doesn't matter, i was more interested in bettering my PR.

eric said...

Earplugs? Was that to drown out the nagging voices in your head? Seriously... why?

LPM said...

Yeah, what Eric said. What's the story on the earplugs?

Jeff said...

It already looks like Ward and the others are giving you enough grief...
Not to Pile On....BUT...
Isn't the whole "Priceless" thing MasterCard, not Visa?

David said...

Just the opposite, i have this problem when i ride, i hear Phil and Paul commentating in my head. The earplugs block out the wind so i can hear them more clearly

"... and this is Alexander just flying, he's turning an ENORMOUS gear..."

No, seriously they block out wind noise (only made worse by my fancy dancy helmet) and allow you to concentrate solely on your breathing.

They really do help when you're charging into a headwind because you don't hear it, you just know your cadence, heartrate and speed and they hide the fact that you're being blow backwards, which you can probably surmise from your speed, but that's beside the point.

Mostly it's a mental thing. Try it sometime, i think you'll like it.

David said...

You are correct sir, it is Master Card, and that is either the sign of an ineffective advertising campaign or my lack of an attention span.

I'll pull an Orwell and change the title.

Ward said...

What about Amy? How'd she do in her Tri?

David said...

I will post some Amy scoop this evening, needless to say, keeping the good news there for last (or later)