Friday, August 11, 2006

friday lunch blog

Now my dad's getting in on the Landis bashing, i got this from him today:

Landis Excuse #88
The reason he tested for steroids was because on the second to last day he French kissed Barry Bonds.

Not a pretty image, but hey doping is ugly. On that topic, i gotta get a pair of these.

My eye doctor appointment last week has evolved into multiple trips back, filled with lots of phrases you don't want to hear from your doc such as:

"I don't want to touch you, you're infected!"
"It's strange to see so many punctate ulcerations"
and let's not forget
"I want you to see our corneal specialist, because this isn't your average run-of-the-mill single punctate ulceration"
then finally
"you mean on top of all of this you've developed iritis too! You are a special case!"

What does all of this mean? It means i've put more drops in my eyes over the past week then i've done in my entire life. I'm off contacts perhaps for good, and i have a sensitivity to light that makes me sympathize with vampires. This last one has me walking around town with the drop-in style glare blocker pseudo-sunglass thing that sort of screams School Bus Driver or Granny or Ray Charles.

I did manage to put in about an 11 mile timetrial last Saturday, followed by a 60 miler or so on Sunday up in the Felicianas. But since then due to the whole eye thing, i've been hitting early morning spin classes at the Y. Everyone is good natured and trying their best, but these just suck. Some of the top phrases over heard this morning include:

"Okay the climbing is over, let's slow back down to race-pace"
"This is not recovery people, you should just be at race-pace!"
"Get back into that raceline! go! go! go!"
"Next up sprints, the first one will be 4 minutes, go! go! go!"

And somebody's not being truthful because we did about a 5 minute climb this morning to an extended dance mix of Frankie goes to Hollywood's Relax and about half-way through when our instructor said "Give it a full turn" i could hardly turn the dial at all. The resistance was so high that i immediately pulled out of the spd pedal and yet we continued to add "one more turn" every minute for 3 or 4 more minutes. All the while the 100 pound woman next to me is spinning at about 120 or so. Well at least i got a "ride" in.

Off to the rodeo tonight with my nephew! Maybe i'll become a fan and it will explain the strange love affair that OLN/VS has with cycling and bull riding.


Taylor said...


sorry, it still makes me laugh
and dude, your eyes... yo. Good luck with the recovery.

Jeff said...

Ok....what am I missing?

I actually thought OLN's new name of VERSUS was pretty cool not to mention fairly descriptive of the type of stuff they cover. Somebody help me out!

Carrie said...

If I had to do a 5 minute climb to an extended dance mix of Frankie goes to Hollywood's "Relax," that alone would have been enough to make me pull out of my pedals.

I really don't know anything about cycling, but those spin people seem to have interesting climbing theories.

I can't comment on the eyes, really, because it freaks me out waaaay too much.

Taylor said...

So, Jeff, you are right. I do see why they picked it, and it is somewhat appropriate.

The thing about it that gets me is that I just see a bunch of marketing people in a room patting each other on the back because they came up with the idea. It just has a very packaged, gimmicky sound to it. I just enjoy more straightforward names like HGTV, the Food Network, etc.

LPM said...


Really sorry to hear about the eye issues. Hope the medical problems resolves themselves quickly.