Friday, August 08, 2008

Mitch at the Training Race

Just a few observations from last night's River Road training race

* mitch has never lost a race, been slow or dropped. The last 30 years have been one complex periodization training program culminating in yesterday's training race as the peak

* in the 1970's, mitch was known as Mitch "Dope" Evans. Out of respect, people who ride as fast as him today are called "dopers", it's only a coincidence that they also use epo. no one could ride as fast as mitch clean.

* mitch is so fast, chuck norris tried to roundhouse kick him once and missed

* mitch has tried to grow a beard for the last 10 years but the friction caused by cutting the wind on his tt bike has permanently depilated his face

* i don't think i've ever seen mitch and troy porter in the same room together, coincidence?

* mitch can ride as fast as he did yesterday at any time, but the folks at the levee board asked him to only do it once a year, so that the wash produced by his bike not harm the structural integrity of the levee.

* i asked mitch what he had for lunch yesterday and he replied "Sea Bass", only later did i learn that he had actually eaten Sebastian Alvarez and channeled his unearthly cycling powers into his performance at the training race.

* when i bridged up to mitch and tom, with tre and benny, i told him "there are five of us now". He thought i said, "35 go now" and obliged me with a 35mph pull, such is the power of mitch

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