Monday, July 07, 2008


The power of the Le Tour is great, so great that Saturday morning after not being able to gain satisfactory free access to any eurosport feeds over the net, i bit the bullet, called an emergency family budget meeting, and made the decision to bring back digital cable into our household. This wasn't much of a decision considering that the 70 odd channels we currently have are mostly worthless. Why not triple our choices?

Anyway, life is good with Le Tour always on. It just feels right. Not having Paul and Phil chatting in my house during July is wrong, plain and simple. One thing that sticks in my craw however is the new Versus commercial showing reversed video of Floyd taking his yellow jersey off and Vino rolling backwards into the starting gate. As if to say, "We got those two cheats out the Tour, it's all good now". David Millar said he doped, why don't they show him throughout each day's stage riding in reverse? Or maybe conduct new interviews with Vino played backwards, since we couldn't understand anything he'd say anyway.

I was also shocked to see that Frankie is behind the mike. For some reason i figured he'd been shelved after admitting to epo use and all. I think he takes it too easy on his former riding partners. Here are a few questions i'd like to see him ask Julian or George or anyone else who will still talk with him.

"So, is it a relief knowing when you get back to your hotel tonight that you don't have to dope?"

"Remember when we were doping, how easy the Tour was, how is it now?"

"Since nobody is doping this year, do you not dope at all? or do you just dope a little? you know, to take the edge off?"

"When you say you're not doping this year, do you still rub down with that testosterone balm that Floyd took or is that just medicinal?"

"I noticed that the teams of the sprinters mistimed the chase down of the breakaway today, is that because you guys aren't doping anymore?"

"Now that it's out in the open that nobody's doping this year, where's the craziest place you ever shot up?"

"Tomorrow's TT is shorter than most, do you think average speeds will be up or stay about the same since you're not doping this year?"


Jeff and Anna said...

Wow Dave, you have amazing will power lasting all of Saturday. I can envision the family meeting, "Okay Ryan and Charlotte you have to volunteer not to eat this week so Le Tour can return!"

Just kidding, Anna and I completely understand. We find ourselves watching / DVRing all four coverages and deciding which to save for later viewing.

We were also surprised to see Frankie behind the mike. Not because of the doping, but because he sucks as a commentator. -jeff

David Alexander said...

It's true man, i fought hard all through the giro, reading all i could. By the time i decided to buy the race was nearly over. Been enjoying your blog, we gotta get Champ and the kids together!
Take care,

Lance P. Martin said...

Spend the money now, and start filling out the Pell Grant applications for your kids.

Hey, do you have a spare bike you're looking to unload on the cheap? My brother has the tri bug and has registered for the NOLA 70.3 in April.


David Alexander said...

i have pieces and parts, how much is he looking to spend? how tall is he? let me know