Monday, August 25, 2008

the conflict of running

Tonight, the conflict was between the inside of my running shoes and the epidermis that covers my feet. For many weeks i've run without socks, for over two and half weeks i've taken part in the Rocketboy Big Chainring Circus sans chausettes. So, tonight, the first night of Jenni's Half-Marathon training program i figured i was ready to become what i've always dreamt of ... the sockless runner. Well, i was, and i'm not. I slowed down over the last 2+ miles and i'm not sure if it was the lack of fitness, Ryan's increase in body weight, or just the pain in my feet. When i looked down at my white and red Nike's, i noticed there was red on white, where it hadn't been before. BAD NEWS. I took my shoe off and it looked like my foot had met a pirahna or something. Needless to say, i will not continue the sockless runner experiment. I'm going back, get ready

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