Tuesday, August 12, 2008

ridin like an amateur (dumb-ass)

Training races are always filled with ups and downs, tonight was no different.

The turnout was awesome considering we were under a tornado watch. Consequently, winds were everywhere. Right after we started going hard, we were forced to snake our way through a state trooper blocking the road and a tow truck preparing to extract a car out of the ditch. The driver looked to be ok, then we started up again with a huge tailwind at our back.

I know this, b/c i pulled through spinning hard, pulled my shifter a few times and realized i had no more gears. I looked down to see i was going 36 and was now alone. I tried to tuck this deep into my anaerobic consciousness and not think about what implications it might have later when the wind changed.

It wouldn't be long before i found out. Nearing the split my spin stopped working and it went to squares. Winds picked up, Chris kept it honest and voila, i popped off. Ride over in 25 minutes! The fastest i'd been dropped since i was a cat 5! After two training races last week and the crack of dawn ride Saturday, he spin home was probably more of what i needed.

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