Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How bout the Family?

Anybody watching these final Sopranos episodes?
I thought Pauley and Tony heading to Florida to avoid the heat was a bit of a used up theme but Pauley packing 3 pairs of white shoes for the trip was worth it and he really dodged the bullet, or bait knife, however you want to put it.

Also, the renaissance of Corrado was a kick, i loved it.


Lance P. Martin said...

Because 'remember when' is the lowest form of conversation.

How will it end? Suicide, Witness Protection, Murder of Tony, Tony + AJ, Tony + Carmela?

David Alexander said...

Maybe Corrado will get sprung? that one is a longshot.

Last episode i figured it would be an angry Bobby that might off Tony.

Who knows

Lance P. Martin said...

It appears that with each episode, Tony isolates / alienates himself from another character:

1. Bacala
2. Christopher
3. Paulie
4. Heche

He's going to go into the WPP and flip on all of them.

David Alexander said...

Yeah, this week was a yawner if you ask me. Maybe Vito's kid will deal with his pooping issue and off Tony himself. Why dog Heche so bad? Then the sports gambling? and AJ's girl the skeezer? This finale is going to have some wrapping to do.