Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Do they come in threes? or three hundreds?

1) Two weeks ago, the parking area at the split was covered with nails, causing cyclists who park their cars there to get flats.

2) Last Thursday, an oncoming truck swerved into the B-race's lane on a perfectly straight part of the road, reportedly coming 4 feet over the line.

3) Last night, Tom reports that riders waiting at the base of the levee were threatened before the training race.

I'm sick of writing letters to the editor, the assumption there is that people can actually read. I'll be damned if i ride my bike to work any more. This chick had a point.

This town sucks.

Elect me mayor.

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Taylor said...

Wow, that column was interesting. And very poignant... having thought about many of the issues she brought up.