Thursday, April 19, 2007

current events and such

So today i caught up with Sega via and instantly became a fan. It truly is a wicked gimmick app 2.0. Check it out, now i'm running my other IM through it. SLICK

The Vineman countdown continues on the page, but i'm out. I put it together this way, if that countdown = X, then X + 14 = the arrival of our new addition, so X - any quantity would probably be better spent preparing for the latter as opposed to the former, if you catch my drift. Well maybe that's too algebraic.

In other tri news, the Black Pearl, no, not Johnny Depp's ship, is bad to the bone. With this thing on, i actually understand what buoyancy is. I've swam twice now in an unheated pool and it is incredible. I've always been somewhere between bad and pathetic as a swimmer, and my first time in it, i swam for 60 minutes nonstop no problems. I'm sure i'm still slow, but i'm faster. It's incredible, i actually enjoy swimming in it. I think i'll focus strictly on wetsuit legal tri's from now on.

Did another great training race this past Tuesday. Amazing what a new chain, cassette and pulleys will do for your bike. My old pulleys were looking more like perfect circles than cogs. Add in new ones and voila, no more griding sensation. We had a great turnout, lots of suffering, then a TCF leadout train for the finish. In the end i could only get near the back wheel of Seabass, so like a scolded Leif Hoste, i had to settle for 2nd, but it was lots of fun and pain none the less.

peace out

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Taylor said...

I'm looking forward to coming out to the training race a week from Thursday. Hopefully this time it won't rain. (Knock on wood.)