Wednesday, April 04, 2007

breaking news

I love my wife, this piece is awesome.

Pat is both daddy mack and mack daddy, he swam 32 frickin miles!

Favorite Orlando t-shirt: Fat People are Harder to Kidnap
Why anyone would buy this shirt, i can't say, but it made me laugh a lot.

And another thing, who the hell is Hollister of California? Ok, well now i know, but after 2 or 3 days at the Disney parks, i finally decided that it was "Wear clothes with the word Hollister on it and get in free Week" Geez, not since the Coca Cola Shirt fad of the mid-80's have i seen such lemming like behavior. I'm not overstating the fact that i probably saw a thousand of these things.

That's about all from here.


eric said...

Love that Hollister sells the California Surfer lifestyle but is headquarted in New Albany, Ohio.

Taylor said...

Credit to the penny arcade guys for digging up the link.