Friday, September 08, 2006

last night

Caught my first training race in a few weeks. Endless thunder storms, eye maladies, and then the Utah trip all have kept me from the pancake lasso-shaped slice of pain that we do over and over and over again. It was fun, with a light turnout we compressed the A and B groups to make one AB group. Got some more great feedback on the pimped-out Polar from Dr. Brian W W (* more on that later). There was a bit of sir sketchiness going on, enough to make Tom keep the pace high. Then we picked up Darren and Steve and it got very fast at this point.

That's really as good as i can do b/c i was sans-cycling computer, with no tv to watch, i had to use my advanced jedi-hearing to determine our speed, so it was somewhere between 24 and 48 mph +-20 mph. Anyway, after yacking all over myself i had a good time, in the end a few turned off at Gardere, effectively gapping the group and that left Yoni and me in the a small group off the front. Tim D. and i kept the pace high, setting up Yoni with a Fassa B caliber leadout, well maybe not that good but he did win.

* W W comes from the Vuelta riders who have the same name in their names twice, like David Alexander de la Randy Moss Alexander. I think Budweiser could do a Real Men of Genius on that.

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