Tuesday, September 26, 2006

i am unfrozen caveman runner

Definitely not forever, but for the past week it's been the case. Running workouts become fun when you can't grip a handlebar due to roadrash stigmata. It's not like i'm some kind of weenie but whenever anything comes close to the palm of my hand i break into a bout of turret's syndrome that Chris Jackson would be proud of.

Lots and lots going on, i turned 3 dozen yesterday.

The night before, BeBe had a heart attack and fell in her room. She's doing better now, but she's obviously still very sore. Jose is her doctor in the hospital, which is both awesome and bizarre at the same time. It never fails to trip me out that the Hoch is an M.D. We're walking around OLOL yesterday and i'm all "JOSE!" and everyone else is all "Dr. Mendoza". Enough of that.

Runs. Stuff i never thought i'd do. Saturday was an 8 miler with a mile casual then a 2 mile pickup, then a mile casual. Turn around, do it again. Last night was the ladder down Lakeshore to the lake, slam a mile, jog back, slam a half, jog back, slam a quarter, jog back, each time up the hill. It's a character builder to say the least.

In the wacky world of sports, get a load of these beauties, whoops i mean these beauties. I love the P3 Carbons, they're just so sweet looking with the rearwheel cutout and all. I hope the aerobar mounted brake thing stays in the pro ranks if you catch my drift.

Hats off to Fabian and the Cricket who will now be the rainbow touting cricket. Sounds like Spain's tactic didn't quite work.


eric said...

Ohhhh, to be a concrete post in the Alps.

Hope your Grandmother feels better, Old Man Alexander (36 YIKES!)

Carrie said...

Wow, that sounds like a great workout. You'd be ready for the newly retooled Austin half marathon, which I will not be ready for. The elevation profile here.

A belated happy birthday!

David said...

thinkin about a half
thinkin about the houston 26.2
then i think about the stress fracture i had
then i think about spasming after austin
then i think about just running for fun

LPM said...


Happy Birthday. Let us hook up for a half in 2007. Mobile has a half or full at the beginning of the year, and NOLA has the Mardi Gras. Forget the full 26.2 nonsense unless you just cannot get the siren song out your head.

Lance is on the cover of Runners World. Says he will wear long basketball shorts for the NYC marathon.


Jeff said...

Listen to me...Resist the Dark side...you're a cyclist not a runner! If God would've intended for man to run 26.2 miles he wouldn't have given us the bike...ENOUGH!

Oh, to be 36 again...
Actually made "several" attempts to give you a Happy B-day call, per the norm, you didn't answer! I'm assuming this is because you've been busy and not a hint, but I'm starting to wonder...maybe you're just accepting calls from runners. :)
Not sure I can add anything to eric's thought about the Angel picture...other than STRONG agreement...WOW!

David said...

hey lance, for about 20 seconds i thought you were writing in the third person regarding Runners World. I'm on board now.

a half next year in NOLA or Mobile sounds cool, i've never done either so i'd be up for it.

jeff, sorry i missed your call(s). i will blame it squarely on my high-tech cellphone which does everything but nothing well. In this case it's function reliably, buttons aren't working anymore and the memory drops off frequently.

as for running, i really think you would have dug the Varsity Sports training plan, it's motivating.