Friday, September 15, 2006

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too much to write about

as if this weren't enough, clearly this is the sign that the end of days is among us for they are surely the front-runners of the four riders of the apocalypse

Get Fuzzy's take on Floyd

i haven't paid so little attention to a stage race in years, but the Vuelta has definitely been hot over the past few days with the Kazakh's rolling and Tommy D. coming correct

Our runs lately with Jenny have been tough, last Saturday was a 6 mile run containing 3 pick up miles within it. I chose the wrong (or maybe the right) partners in Robbie and Sam and they drug me around faster than i've been in a while. We did the first pick up with an uphill finish around 6:55, jogged for maybe 200 meters and hit the second one at 6:35 which hurt. I licked my wounds and got the last one done around 6:50 or so while my partners went 6:30. It hurt.

Sunday, i rode with Brian, Darren, Kristen and Keith down to Bayou Paul road which i'd never been on before. It is super nice, best pavement in town without a doubt, until you reach the gravel section which eventually connects you back to Bluff.

Monday's run was sadistic, 440, 220, 110 repeats on Hillsdale. The last 150 or so are uphill so they seem to just get harder. For an added challenge i pushed the boy, he liked it.

Our ttt squad is set for tomorrow with Norm, Brandon and Brian so it should be fun and painful. I took Erik Espade out last night with the race wheels just to make sure all was well, i rode in the group for a while then picked it up around the ferry. Darren, Steve and Yoni came with, but Darren was just flying. I started it by pulling around 32 or so in the tailwind, but Darren finished it, geez he is flying. I'm glad i'm not on his team!

Packed up the bike while talking to Steve and who should magically appear but the Aussie! Yep, Troy is in town, i guess we'll see him Saturday morning for a little while at least.


Taylor said...

Dude, 6 something minute miles... you're my hero. Wow.

Good luck on the team time trial. I hope you guys kick some ass.

Taylor said...

Oh, also, I was very glad to see Tommy D. get it done. He seems like a cool guy... he's my holdout these days.

LPM said...

Whoa, cowboy, don't get too fast too soon with the running. That's my territory. I wouldn't presume to try to ride fast on my bike.

David said...

Don't worry about it Lance, i am but an amateur!