Monday, June 11, 2007

Five years will go in a heartbeat...

I forgot what today was, the 5th anniversary of the accident on River Road.
Strange that something like that can slip by you.
I still think about it often, well every time i ride my bike.
I guess the difference now is that i don't ride that often.
Five years can definitely change a lot of things.
I'm thankful that we haven't had another accident like that one.
I know a lot of people feel it is inevitable, and i'm sure it is.

We've been getting Charlotte's room ready, she'll be here in less than 2 months. I came across a card that i received right after that day. It reads:

... I think about you every night. I can't get the accident out of my head. I pray for you every night. I didn't do it on purpose (I'm sorry it happen please forgive me) I wish i could turn back time but i can't. I'm going to have to live with this the rest of my life. I pray to Jesus Christ every night to help me understand. I'll be praying for you and your family ...

I think that's a pretty profound statement on the responsibility each of us takes on every time we step behind the wheel of a vehicle. I'm thankful for many many things and one is that i have very few memories of that day.

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Roadrider said...

We remember. When they finally get that levee bike path out there, it will need a name. Don't forget...