Monday, June 25, 2007

coffee talk

you know, coffee, we talk, no big whoop
here's a topic to discuss:

The Guru warranty does not cover improper use, use in races, wear and corrosion due to salt or extreme climates, accidents, poor maintenance, commercial activities, addition of unfit parts or accessories or parts and accessories that are not intended for a particular bike, as well as any modification to the frame, fork or other components.

haven't blogged in a while due to the large amounts of bile in my mind


Colombian TGV said...

the funny thing is that you most likely signed and acknowledged this somewhere before you even put your but on the saddle. What thaF man...??

Taylor said...

Are they not warranting it? So what exactly does it cover? What exactly did they tell you?

David Alexander said...

Still waiting to hear the final word, but it doesn't sound good. The Guru warranty is crap, they say my saddle was slammed too far back and that caused the crack. They offered me a "deal" to repair it. I'm working through the shop, so i haven't spoken to them direcly.

Taylor said...

Oh man, what a load of crap.

jeff c said...

We stand behind the workmanship of our expensive a-- bike as long as you don't do anything crazy like race on it. Seems reasonable, right????????

David Alexander said...

you said it
don't get me started