Friday, January 26, 2007

SimAquarium 2.0 - The Guppy Strikes Back

Alert to Opera Users, SimAquarium 2.0 is back and this time it might be too complex for it's own good. With the old version, you could allow your fish to swim around mindlessly and breed while earning bucks to buy the higher priced and apparently sterile elite fish. This time it's all about reality, fish breed, but fish also die. To date, my little aquarium has seen nearly 23,000 fatalities, with a near even amount of births. I'll put it this way, guppies ain't shy. Additionally, some fish won't breed unless the tank is clean or dirty, some need additional food added, some need growth hormones and others fertility treatments or medicines. It's odd, but undoubtedly it smells better than a real tank.

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