Friday, January 19, 2007

mucho chagrin

It was with that, that i learned the fate of my precious letter to the editors of Esquire regarding Scarlett Johansson. I guess the accusation regarding Tiger Beat was too much, but it still makes me grin.

Natalie Portman said to listen to the Shins and it will "change your life". I love Natalie, so of course she was right. The Shins changed my life in this way:


These guys played on SNL this past weekend. To match the charisma coming out of their show, a person usually has to travel somewhere like the waiting area at Jiffy Lube. Dull and dying, they cranked out their first tune. They tried to save face by doing New Slang second, but it hobbled in much the same way. Ouch, not good.

I finally found some better music in the form of Modern Times by Bob Dylan. This was the soundtrack of my weekend in Manresa and it's really great. Rockin at times, in a French-Settlement-roadside-honky-tonk-kind-of-way. At other times straight out depressing, but all in good fun. The good kind of down. A word of warning, this album doesn't shuffle well with others. At times it got in with other recent purchases like Snoop Dogg, Journey and Gnarls Barkley (what can i say) and the result was not favorable.

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