Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What we used to do ...

Tonight we went to the movies to catch Twilight. Tuesday night at the flicks is not the most hopping night here in the chemical city. Note the lone over-rotated hot dog back at the concession stand. Two medium drinks, large popcorn and M&Ms $18. NICE

Anyway, interesting flicks promoted everywhere, the most fascinating of these is Valkyrie starring Tom Cruise. Not sure which particular barbiturate his agent was on when he spun this one to him, "You're not just a Nazi! You're a Nazi Hero! and of course you get to run", which is in all of his contracts.

On to Twilight, it was ok. Not good, not great. Casting was questionable. The Edward Cullen character apparently attended the Hayden Christensen school of acting, which is "look constipated". Not very intimidating when it appears that your leading vampire is about to take a dump at any given time.

Also, none of these "vampires" had fangs. I guess True Blood spoils us with their switch-blade incisors. These vampires could run fast, in the end i wondered if that was all they could do. The baseball scene was BORING. Some characters were good, i liked Alice and Jacob but Jasper resembled an anorexic Edward Scissorhands. Bella seemed like a sexy young version of Molly Shannon. The villains were great, the makeup was just awful especially Carlisle.

All that being said (typed), i'm glad we got out. And the microbrewery was nice too.

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