Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Guru RaceLite - RIP - Dec 2002 - May 2007

Haven't posted in a month of Sundays...

So if you were wondering how long a carbon/aluminum/scandium frameset will last with my sort of abuse being placed upon it, the answer is 4 years, 5 months give or take a few days.

Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Colorado, Arkansas, Alabama, Arizona, Florida, South Carolina. Training races, commuting, rides, crits, motorpacing, road races. 3 Rouge Roubaix, 4 Cheaha Challenges, Trail Ridge Road, Gate's Pass.

... then the Guru gave up the good fight, i'm thinking this happened at this year's Cheaha. It was probably in the works for a while, but the crack surfaced near the top tube/seat tube cluster and it's being warrantied as we speak. Looks like i'll be on a new one soon. Not only was it the most comfortable, best fitting bike i've ever had, it had the good sense to crack 7 months before the warranty went out. THANKS GURU!


Sebass said...

I am sad to see you have to depart from your bike. You know the feeling..."will the next bike feel as good?" type of thing, sucks.

Get your wheels together ...I need to hit it hard at the TT race this week. And you have been WAY WAY to MIA lately.

Check out my new ride for off days... yeah i know i am losing it.

-Colombian TGV-

David Alexander said...

yo brotha man
i hope to be out there with the cervelo manana, i need it!

that is a sweet bike you got!