Thursday, March 08, 2007

Are you not entertained?

Estimated Average Speeds from Last Windy Weekend

1. Herring Bain 28.1 mph
2. Smurf Corcorans 27.1
3. Fried Chicken R Us 26.3
4. Herring Bo 26.2
5. MidSouth Jay 25.9

I impressed me, which is hard to do.
I also threw up a lot, but that's to be expected.


eric said...

holy crap! you guys were smoking fast!

eric said...

What kinda gearing were your fellas turning...

David Alexander said...

Thanks homes, if i had to guess i'd say probably 53x14,15,16. Norm has the Durace compact on his tt so 50x13,14,15.

I don't think we ever went ALL IN.

Lance P. Martin said...

Fetally curled in a corner of my study, I can only look on and whimper.