Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Quality Viewing, White Elephant and Stuff

Doing a lot lately, but none of it is blogging. I'm about 2 months behind on updating Ryan's page, hopefully i can remedy this soon.

The Tivo really went through a dry spell for a while, scarcely getting anything worth watching but it broke out with a vengeance last week. Items of note include:

30 Rock is the funniest show on television. Granted, we've been missing the Office this season due to scheduling conflicts with Survivor, so as far as i know, it is the funniest. Last week was so damned funny, with Alec Baldwin evidently having a trist with Condy Rice.

Everest got interesting as two of the expedition's climbers went HAC (high altitude crazy) and continued climbing against Brice's orders. No one could turn them back, total morons. Little did i know that the show earned such high praise from MountEverest.Net.

SNL was hosted by Justin Timberlake. While i'm not a big fan of the modern day JT, i must say these made me laugh a whole bunch: Barry Gibb Talk Show, Dick in a Box, Target and finally Homelessville. Thanks for Youtube for being all OVER that episode, geez.

We also caught Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, directed by the King of Smug, George Clooney. This movie was tough to look away from, tough to believe, but very cool, i'm still thinking about it.

Yesterday was our office White Elephant, i think my gift earned the title for Most Traded. I tried in desperation to get it back, but alas ended up with a two prong key rack emblazoned with the word "BISTRO". I'm not sure what the !@#$% that was about. I do take a certain pride though in bringing a highly traded item. Last year, i brought a 4-pack of Guinness with a box of dominoes. It bounced around a lot.

My funniest all time contribution though was once when i brought a Cindy Crawford swimsuit calendar to Gaynor's White Elephant and nearly everyone stole it, because they knew they'd be able to pick again later, when someone else stole it. The highlight of the night was when my grandmother stole it. I wish i'd had a camera.

This interview with Sager did make me laugh a lot.

The HID is illin, but still under warranty. With such power comes evidently great frailty in the bulb structure. I hope to receive it back from NiteRider soon, i only used it maybe a half dozen times.

Get a load of the chocked full LAMBRA calendar for next year, that's a lot of racing.

And finally, under the O yeah, he's white and nerdy category, if anybody is still looking for a Christmas gift for me, check this out. Of course i'm joking.


LPM said...

One, you put a hole in the box.

David said...

JT should give up on his crappy music and host as often as Alec Baldwin, he's awesome on there.

Dick in a Box is like the Lord of the Rings, everytime you watch it, you catch something new.

LPM said...

The guy Sandberg (or Samberg) is the ultimate 3-minute auteur. Between this, "Lazy Sunday," and, to a lesser extent, the Natalie Portman gangsta video (just typing that makes me laugh), he is putting an impressive body of work together.


Taylor said...

He was also part of "The Chronic.. What? cles of Narnia" rap with Chris Parnell.

the three steps had me in tears... JT really is hilarious on that show.

carryanet said...

You mentioned Everest...we haven't been watching that, but we think you would get a kick out of Man vs. Wild on Discovery. That guy does some crazy stuff.