Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lance at the NYC Marathon

Any takers?
Only 23 days to go and he claims to have not yet run more than 13 miles.
I've got him down for 2:53:21.08, anyone else?
Eternal UCC Glory to the guy who picks the closest.
I think it would be cool if he attacked the Kenyans and ran the first 4 or 5 miles faster than them, but that's probably not possible. It would just be funny to hear the announcers going, that is if they still televised it.


eric said...

I hate the I mean greatest Tour cyclist ever. I think he goes 2:58:11. Could he go faster? Sure, but this is just a Nike PR stunt.

I'm hoping he bonks hard and DNFs. But that's me.

LPM said...

< 2:55 or > 3:25, not a second in between.

Jeff said...

Realize I'm a little late coming to this topic...Glad to see Eric has gotten over his prediction that Lance wouldn't win the '04 Tour :)
Anyway, Sager had a link to this very interesting article a while back. Agree with Eric that it's mostly a PR stunt...however I'm thinking there's a certain amount of pride involved...
Let's say...2:47:07
Had to throw in a couple of seven's for Lance...the number seems to work for him :)