Friday, September 30, 2005

more on Bob

This morning's bike ride was sweet due to a break in the heat (FINALLY) and the great breakfast that i had with my Aunt Susie and Uncle Gaynor who live on the route.

Rapping about Dylan with Gaynor, who is also a Bob fan, has got me thinking about the two shows that i've seen him do and it turns out i got the chronology wrong. I saw him with Paul Simon in 1999 and then the Pueblo show came in 2001 on my sister's birthday, it's hell getting old. Here's some reports about the Lafayette show and the playlists from Lafayette and from Pueblo. Finding those playlists brings back some memories. Very cool, i need to add them to my iPod.


Gaynor said...

Yes..... put it on the ipod. And then make me a CD.

David said...

Roger that, i've also found a new hobby. Bob Dylan bootlegs traded on the internet. Turns out both shows are known to have bootlegs out there so i think i'm going to look into those. I'll let you know.